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Commitments and Culture

My Commitments to My Clients


I will provide the skills and training necessary for start-ups to hit their first €1,000,000 in sales.


I will create a bespoke sales system with the highest value placed on customer experience.


I will uphold the values of the 5 key insights of Power of the Individual.

Power of the Individual’s 5 Key Insights

1. Success and Failure

Success is a decision, to fulfill a goal by making the required effort. Failure is a decision, to stop making efforts towards the fulfillment of a goal. The important insight here is that success and failure are options, rather than outcomes.


2. Can & Can’t vs Will & Won’t

“Can” is the most obvious truth I can tell myself, while “can’t” is the most obvious lie I can tell myself. “Can” merely acknowledges unfulfilled potential, while “Will” is making a commitment to take action.

“Can’t” deflects any personal responsibility. It weakens one’s position and creates an opportunity for manipulation. Instead, “won’t” is a firm stance of inaction where the responsibility and justification for that inaction is personal. If the justification is not personally satisfying, I will take action.


3. True Responsibility

I am responsible for everything that exists in my life. More importantly, I am responsible for everything that remains in my life. If I wish to bring about change in my future, I must first accept full responsibility for my present. In doing so I accept the power to change my future.

True Responsibility is self-power and self-control, if I choose not to accept all of my responsibilities then I give a portion of my power and control to others.

For this reason, I will accept fully and completely that I am responsible for everything that exists and remains in my life.


4. Difficulty

Nothing is easy and nothing is hard, these are only perceptions of reality. All that is real is the goal and the price that must be paid. When the price is high, I say it is hard, when the price is low, I say it is easy. The price might be time, skill or learning - goals accept all manner of payment.

5. Opportunity

Opportunities of every nature exist in infinite supply in the future. In the present they are momentary, in the past, none exist at all. I will explore all opportunities that come my way on the basis of the key insights and choose my path accordingly - action or inaction, success or failure.


These commitments and key insights form the culture of Power of the Individual. I would like to express my gratitude to all those in my past, present and future who have, and will contribute to the strength of this culture.



Eamonn Walsh